Some recommended reading...

We all need some inspiration from time to time, and my job is all about inspiring people.


Deadly Emotions, Don Colbert

This is an easy to read book that speaks plainly, simply, and directly regarding how the emotions and physical responses when running unchecked make you sick and dysfunctional. It is also very good about pointing out realistic answers.

In his book, author Don Colbert, M.D. discusses the vital link between emotional well-being and physical well-being. Most Americans do not realize that scientific evidence has proven that stress can contribute to heart disease, migraines, asthma, pneumonia and many other physical problems. Stress can even be deadly- Deadly Emotions offers solutions to the problems facing us. Dr. Colbert battles anxiety, tension and stress with powerful concepts of forgiveness, joy and peace. Deadly Emotions has the ability to help people from the suffering induced by stress, good news for mind and body.

Stress Less, Don Colbert

Interesting information on all the stress hormones such as cortisol. Teaches how to break unhealthy habits.

What we think about creates most of the stress in our lives. Don teaches us how to combat this and some insights into where stress related illnesses come from, from all aspects – emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

Let’s enjoy living longer!

Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies, Romilla Ready and Kate Burton

The book is entertaining, practical, and included easy to understand principles. For someone who does not use NLP in their everyday life- this gives them the insights to practise with themselves or friends.

I use NLP with my clients with great results- this is the 1st book I recommend if people want awareness on the subject. Lots of practical examples of challenges which can be turned around easily and effectively.

Awaken the Giant within, Anthony Robbins

Very easy it is to apply the lessons that Tony Robbins suggests in this book.

I am very privileged to be one of Tony’s Trainers, travelling the Globe with him and supporting at his events. This was the 1st best I read 20 years ago to start me on my personal development journey. A big book to read- yet very powerful adn thought provoking.

He demonstrates many Neuro associative Conditioning techniques – which are simple to use, and offers fast and permanent change.

Thank you Tony for your great work.

Instant Confidence, Paul McKenna

This book provides simple, yet very effective, exercises to boost your self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. Using hypnosis, NLP, and some very intriguing acupressure techniques (Thought Field Therapy), McKenna gives you the power to completely overhaul your limited self-beliefs.

The book has material to address the most important areas where we all need confidence: self-image, relationships, business, public speaking, dating and sex, and leaving bad situations.

Change Anything, Kerry Patterson

If you apply the principles of this book to your life you will produce sustainable change in your behaviour that will noticeably improve your life.

First, the authors free us from a powerful mind trap: the simplistic belief that if only we had more willpower we'd succeed in changing our lives. The reality the authors argue for (persuasively) is that while willpower is still important, changing behaviour turns out to be as much about "skill" as it is about "will." And the truth is that certain skills for changing our behaviours can be taught. The authors also point out that that often (for example when you go to Las Vegas into a casino) you can't see what's controlling. However, "If you can see it, you can change it." "Change Anything," then, is a book about seeing the hidden influences in our lives and using them to change our behaviours from ones with negative to ones with positive consequences.

This is an impressive book that has brought together in one place a simple, powerful, and reasonable means of changing our lives. Overall, Change Anything is an insightful and practical guide to making personal changes stick.

Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman

Goleman is an excellent writer and presents a great deal of thought-provoking content.

Goleman, psychologist and science writer for The New York Times, explains how the rational and emotional work together to shape intelligence, using intriguing new information from neuroscience and psychology of the brain. It details why IQ is not the sole predictor of success, and it reviews powerful academic studies that show how emotional intelligence impacts important life outcomes. Goleman shows how the brain can easily succumb to an emotional hijacking, where emotions overpower your reason.

Goleman's book successfully educates us the reader on the importance of emotional intelligence and provides some insight into how our society has gone wrong in raising our children.It explains why youth are more depressed, violent and aggressive than ever. I highly recommend this book to parents and educators and anyone else who thinks we as a society can do a better job raising our children.

Get the Life You Want, Richard Bandler

This book introduces new advances in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). The new methods are so advanced, they are really easy to use and benefit from. You get, see and feel the results immediately.

Whether you are totally new to Richard's teachings or whether you have learnt some NLP, or /and really experienced in NLP, you'll learn a lot and really benefit.

This is not a book, but a workbook, techniques you can use straight away. You read a bit and then do what Richard teaches you. Follow the instructions and you'll get instant, immediate results. If you want to have a life that works in a world that works, this is the book to buy now. No NLP experience required.

A New You, Nicola Cook

This is an excellent book. Well written, good content and fun! I have shared it with friends and colleagues and all of them found it useful. I have enjoyed reading it more than once differently getting better results! Good practical exercises to work with straight away!


The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes

I think the book has some useful gems to take away. No matter what business you are in, no matter what product or service you provide, you can benefit from the wisdom of the "Ultimate Sales Machine".

The book starts off where most of the work is needed ... with top management. Everyone today complains of too much to do and too little time. Chet describes how he cut his work days from 16 hours to a normal work day and got more done in the process. The first step is to become proactive rather than reactive. Adopt the mantra, "If you touch it, take action." We let our desks pile up with material that we read, examine and think about but never get around to taking any action on. Develop the habit of touching a letter, memo or report once. Take action and get it off your desk. In the final analysis, his best advice is "pigheaded determination",.


Dear Lover, David Dieda

Deida's distinctive writing style is intuitive. Deida's advice about loving each other with openness, honesty adn from our heart. When 'stuff' gets in the way is one we would all do to remember. After all, what is more sublime than living and being in love-having that 24/7, 365 days a year, always, at every moment, is well worth it.

Soul Cravings, Erwin Raphael McManus

Soul cravings speak to all people from a soul level, regardless of beliefs. Practical, and easy to read.

Love is probably the most misunderstood word in the English today. And this is truly tragic. For those in search of the true meaning of love, Soul Cravings is a must read book. Erwin's meditations are filled with beautiful insights that will make you smile and bring you to tears. Like a river that ultimately finds it way to the sea, Soul Cravings takes the reader on a journey that connects God with love, and then shows us how love can cure so many ills of the world today.

The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman

The main idea behind this book is that just as people have unique personality preferences, we all have unique love preferences love. Your love language is the way that you most feel loved and cared for. The problem is most people love how they want to be loved, and that doesn't tend to align with how their partner wants to be loved. So, you have to learn to speak your partner's love language. The author also believes that focusing intently on speaking the love languages will rekindle relationships where people don't even seem to like each other anymore.

There are five love languages, and there are quizzes to help you determine which language you are: - Words of Affirmation,- Acts of Service,- Quality Time, Gifts, - Touch.

This book gives action-oriented things you can physically DO to help your marriage, relationship- most of them take not even 5 minutes a day.

Dare To Connect, Susan Jeffers

The most important concept here for me was that of "everybody training" - the idea that social situations become more rewarding and less stressful if, instead of trying to create external successes, you focus on creating positive situations for everyone around you.

Instead of pressuring yourself to get a woman's phone number at a party (getting something for yourself), make a point of helping her to have a good time there, even if it isn't with you The neat thing about this is that it becomes easier to make contact with new people and makes you a more desirable friend at the same time. It takes time, practice and may need to be integrated into one's self-improvement efforts.

Opening Our Hearts to Men, Susan Jeffers

This book is about relationships, that actually looks at the relationship between men and women in a POSITIVE light. Susan Jeffers suggests that each of us (women and men) look within and make changes while trying to create the right relationship. She helps women see that men are more like women than not--and that we all really need the same things from a relationship.

Susan Jeffers is a very upbeat author who had the ability to move people to real positive action. She offered tools to help people change. For men as well as women. Susan gives men insight into the mind of woman, and it allowed me to look at men through a different lens.

Love Smart, Dr Phil McGraw

This book is full of common sense. As you read you discover the great advice, which clearly is directed at women, yet much of it holds true for guys too. I can see how the strategies would work. Among the many pieces of advice offered are have a life, overcome your own issues such as low self esteem, and learn to love yourself.

Issues can be overcome. After all, if you don't love yourself enough then you are relying on a guy for validation. How can you persuade a guy how fabulous you are if you don't believe it yourself.

The best thing is to be a self sufficient woman, be less available, and have alternative plans. This creates mystery, which is a vital ingredient for developing a relationship. Less is more.

Letting go of seeking perfection in a man is excellent advice. If a guy has 80% of the qualities you are looking for, you should bag him, tag him, and take him home.

Internet Dating – Men to Avoid, Men to Enjoy, Dr Buzz McCarthy

What a book! And I have read a few about Relationships... So many 'special insights' about men AND women - Buzz tells it exactly as it is- the reality... I NOW feel brave enough to try 'Internet Dating' as these golden nuggets can guide my way and Ican still remain true to my feminine true self.

I urge everyone to read, learn, and use these great tips - Happy Hunting for your Soul mate!

Ultimate Relationship Programme DVD, Anthony Robbins

Great tips/insights and ‘live ‘examples of relationship issues. It's amazing to be able to connect with your loved one on a deeper level, with what can be learnt.

This product changed my view of relationships completely. It's a place to give rather than to get. The biggest takeaway was seeing how men should be present for their women and how to make a woman melt for you. Women can learn much from this program too.


The Purple Cow, Seth Godin

TV and mass media were new frontiers 50 years ago so fortunes could be made by putting a lot of money into advertising mediocre products. Today people have seen it all so they don't notice ads anymore. To be successful you need a PURPLE COW, meaning something different that causes people to tell their friends.

Word of mouth is the BEST marketing because it is effective, economical and hard for competitors to duplicate. . This book is to marketing like a mass-media self-help book is to psychology. If you are a business owner or solo entrepreneur don't look to this book to really help you build a market strategy. This is a "fun" – easy to read book: a book to put on your night stand and read a few pages before you go to sleep.

The Long Tail, Chris Anderson

Let me explain what a long tail is. If you plot the popularity of various products (say, books on Amazon) with the most popular products at the left, the left part of the curve will be very vertical (the head) and there will be a long list of items to the right that will have relatively few sales (the tail).

Chris’s point is that as it becomes economically viable to produce and distribute more low-volume products (such as print-on-demand books and e-books), there will be more items available to purchase at any outlet . . . and the length the tail to the right will grow. As more outlets can afford to make these items available, the thickness of the tail will also grow.

Hypnotic Writing, Joe Vitalie

This book gives us the understanding of how to communicate fluidly with other people, especially in areas of conflict or of getting group cooperation. In order to get through to people on a coercion level, you need to get through to their subconscious and this book will begin to show you how exactly to start accomplishing this.

Whether it's for business, casual social reasons or for actual writing as this book advertises, this will teach you ways to communicate differently. Specific words, key phrases and formats are the backbone of this text. Joe talks you through every step of your journey from ho-hum to hypnotic. I use this book to write a lot of my newsletters – to get creative to put my message across- a must read!

Health and Nutrition 

The Paleo Diet, Loren Cordain

This book gets recommended by a few chiropractors that I know. The book sets out to explain the Paleo Diet based on the Palaeolithic way of life of our hunter/gatherer ancestors. First of all it explains how obesity is the curse of the western world and then tries to put forward good reasons for changing your whole way of eating.

The food that you are required to eat is nutritious, and fresh, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fish and fowl. Nuts and omega-3 eggs are also included. There is also a chapter on exercise and recipes.

The healthiest oils to cook with are ghee (unless you're 100% dairy free), lard, tallow, coconut and palm oils and olive oil. Oils should never be heated to very high temperatures such as in deep frying. These are the traditional fats to cook with, not flax oil! Absolutely worth a read to re-educate yourself around food.

The Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson

This isn't a diet, at least not how we now understand that word to mean, it's a whole body whole life way of living. Mark promotes 10 laws to help lead a better life. One that works with how our bodies are designed to work. This includes laws on food (of course), exercise and having a happier life.

Mark writes in an informal and engaging way, breaking down each of the blueprint rules succinctly. Each time he gives justification, backed by scientific evidence, as to why the rule should be followed. I've always been interested in the affect of diet on a fitness regime. I felt like I had all the pieces of the puzzle, but this book showed me how to put it together. I found this book very easy to read and the advice very easy to follow.

Energy Medicine, Donna Eden

Everyone should have a daily routine for moving energy.

There is so much content in this book, which is based on the twin concepts of touch for healing and kinesiology (energy testing) in which she tests your muscle resistance, and then treats. Donna can see energy, but you can achieve the same thing with energy testing. In this book, you learn about opening the chakras, and Celtic weave, figure eights, strange flows, the aura, eye movement exercises, neurovascular or fight or flight response and many other things. If you have health challenges, you owe it to yourself to do everything you can to resolve them. Donna's joy and vitality infuses each page of this book and makes it a very enjoyable read.

Knockout, Suzanne Somers

This is a very useful book to help understand more about how to avoid and cure cancer.

Suzanne Somers interviews 12 doctors who are either CURING cancer or who give advice about how to avoid cancer.

You will learn about cancer cures that do work how the medical system is controlled and not working for ordinary people who want to get well again. It also shows that NHS doctors and consultants should be offering alternative solutions before chemo as the later has the least hope for success, yet is the one pushed on people and the others are neglected. It is the patient's responsibility to know what is available and to inform the doctor what treatment they want to receive this book really is a brilliant read. Cancer is a disease that has touched all our lives in some way. We all know someone that has been affected by this disease.


Satnav for the Soul, Susie Mitchell

Satnav for the Soul is brilliant in its simplicity. It's extremely well thought out in an easy-read format which inspires you to devour each morsel of information. Each section offers loads of jumping off points to identify ways to keep you motivated to achieve whatever you want.

The book is helpful without preaching and inspiring without being flaky. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by buying this book. Susie’s voice speaks directly and inspirationally to you, no fuss, and it will strike a chord.

Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh

Satnav for the Soul is brilliant in its simplicity. It's extremely well thought out in an easy-read format which inspires you to devour each morsel of information. Each section offers loads of jumping off points to identify ways to keep you motivated to achieve whatever you want.

The book is helpful without preaching and inspiring without being flaky. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by buying this book. Susie’s voice speaks directly and inspirationally to you, no fuss, and it will strike a chord.


Primal Leadership, Daniel Goleman

The insights, strategies, and tactics provided are all based on the authors' several decades of real-world experience with all manner of organizations as well as on insights gained through direct and extensive contact with various leaders. The most effective leaders "are more values-driven”, more flexible and informal, and more open and frank than leaders of old. They are more connected to people and to networks.

They have genuine passion for their mission, and that passion is contagious. Their enthusiasm and excitement spread spontaneously, invigorating those they lead. If you hold any Leadership position- this is very useful.

The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes/Posner

This book gives the key components of Leadership, good topics to align and engage. Its shows inspired qualities.

I have recommended this book to many colleagues and clients and in almost every case there have been nuggets to take away to use with what they are already doing/who they are being as leaders and what they can action to take themselves to the next level.

Inspirational Manager, Judith Leary-Joyce

Some real examples of topics within organisations that Managers need to support. The book is packed with tangible ideas with action plans and insightful.

It deals with the heart of management in a truly inspirational way, based on the successes of real people, easily presented to us to read.

Personal Development 

Get Off Your Arse, Brad Burton

Honesty is Brad’s message and he tells it as it is.In places funny and contains useful business and motivational tips. I had the privilege to meet Brad and he practised what he preached by taking some time out to talk to me which was refreshing in this world. The essence of the book is to motivate and show ordinary people that they can do anything that they want to in terms of setting their lives up and setting up their businesses.

Very straight and to the point- key Action points if you actually choose to DO them! LOTS of golden nuggets and very specific ways to increase your biz... Its all about people - Your choice- follow these steps and see for yourself. Fasten your safety belts - and enjoy the journey!

Personal Development 

Unlimited Power, Anthony Robbins

One of the 1st PD books I bought 20 years ago. The book gives you simple step by step actions to change your aspect in any part of your life- To truly change; you must put the steps in this book into action. As I work side by side with Tony at events- these tools is life transformation.

The techniques are not difficult to understand, they just require practise to enable you to use them naturally and effectively. Join in this exciting journey of change and take control of your life.

Personal Power, Anthony Robbins

NLP techniques- very useful to bring change to areas of your life you are not happy with. Great insights spoken by all the people.

The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy

A direct guide on how to improve your life, sound advice written in an easy way to understand.

You will learn to create positive habits, eliminate procrastination and set yourself challenging and achievable goals. Consistency is the key in which ever area you want to excel- its small shifts – done over and over again. Good to dip into regularly to check you are living these principles!

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