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Dr Susie Mitchell pictured delivering a training course/workshop on Sales and leadership available throughout the UK

Susie in action!

We offer a variety of corporate workshops and business training courses, please have a browse to get an idea of some of the areas we cover.

Please remember that everything we do is bespoke, customised to your specific needs and requirements.

Topics covered as a guide include:

  • Emotional Resilience and Mental Endurance
  • Engagement- Forming a new Culture through the People
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Personal/Professional Development
  • Humans Needs Psychology
  • Motivation- The true Mindset for Success
  • Inspiration- Understanding what is needed to Empower
  • Confidence, Self Esteem and Assertiveness
  • Entrepreneurial Confidence
  • Leadership- A new way through Empowerment
  • Networking/Referrals- How to create ‘Raving Fans’
  • How to have Happy, Successful and Motivated Teams
  • Making the Leap from Good to Great

If you are considering any of the training courses or workshops detailed here then please do get in touch - one phone call or email could be all it takes to take you or your company to the next level!

Susie is a facilitator for Working Knowledge
Susie is a facilitator for Working Knowledge, a social enterprise that bridges the gap between education and the workplace

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