Imagine what life would be like if you could reach your full potential...

Suffering from Anxiety, Stress – worried about Personal or Work issues? Your mental health is so important to your overall Wellbeing.

At times in all our lives, we sometimes need support from others to help move us forward - I am totally committed to helping you, and I know I can make a difference in your life.

Through a combination of LIFE COACHING, HYPNOTHERAPY AND NLP, I will help your personal development, build your self-esteem and set goals for your life - even weight loss or giving up smoking.

Personal Development / Life Coaching

I have witnessed amazing transformations from Personal Development Coaching, Invest in yourself and realise your goals. Coaching can be arranged at a time and place to suit you, we can even work remotely (Telecoaching) wherever you are in the UK I can help!

Pick up the phone or e-mail me, and let me help you like I have helped others before.

Personal Development signature from Dr Susie Mitchell Business & Life Strategist
Susie Mitchell
Business & Life Strategist

Previous Personal/Business Development Clients logos including BBC, St James Palace, UK Fast, Mace&Jones, National Trust & Lamb Macintosh


Personal Development life Coaching Benefits:

  • Personal Development Coaching brings clarity, commitment and consistency to create lives that surpass our expectations.
  • A Life Coach offers powerful alliance that produces extraordinary results
  • Accomplish more each day with less stress and less effort
  • Learn how to really take control of your internal and external environment
  • Gain a new perspective and additional resources
  • Track your progress and get real with yourself
  • Design and implement tactics and strategies that will effect every area of your life
  • Increase your personal accountability
  • Increase your energy and your ability to produce results

Client Testimonials

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